Mykal Grant is a full-service salon that caters to individuals desiring an entire salon of stylists that create fresh and innovative hair styles while maintaining healthy hair.

Healthy Hair

To have and maintain a cut that enhances your sense of style, you must have healthy hair.  One of our goals is to improve the health of your hair.  We will not only help your hair display its natural sheen, we we teach you to maintain your hair in between visits.

 “My hair was damaged and my stylist at Mykal Grant not only helped my hair become healthy again.  More importantly than just helping my hair revive it’s health, the additional stylist ALL provided me insight as to why my hair was damaged but they all helped me learn how to maintain my hair in between visits.” — Client

 Unprecedented Service
At Mykal Grant we respect your time by being prepared for you when upon arrival.  Our job is to provide the service requested in the time allotted.
“My days are jammed packed with meetings.  I cannot afford to be in the salon beyond the time I have scheduled.  The stylists at Mykal Grant do an outstanding job of completing my hair service within my scheduled appointment.” — Client
“As a business owner, I have to minimize the amount of time I am away from my business.  My stylist at Mykal Grant makes sure that happens.  She also ensures my hair is beautiful.  Thank you.” — Client