December Hair – Aging and Hair Loss

December 2012

Aging and Hair Loss

As a master stylist, I am consistently being asked what causes hair loss and hair thinning. There are so many factors that contribute to this. In the January issue of

Essence magazine there is an informative article about this age-old topic. Here are some standout phrases that I would love to share.

“For so long it has been assumed that the natural age related changes happen once women hit menopause, but now we understand that the changes in hair actually begin earlier”

“Most women tend to lose their strands at the top of the crown and front of their heads”

“Menopause, as well as hormonal imbalances that women experience from pregnancy, high blood pressure, certain medications, diabetes and thyroid conditions, will also often trigger excessive hair shedding”

-Jeni Thomas PhD

Aging is a process that is not preventable, so keeping your body healthy and your hair shampooed, conditioned, and trimmed you can slow down the natural hair loss process.

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